Setting-up Presence in Cyprus

Seamark can provide timely, reliable and efficient assistance with setting up presence in Cyprus, including formation of company, locating premises, hiring or relocating personnel

Cyprus offers a plethora of reasons why foreign investors and businessmen should not only invest in the country or simply add it on the diagram of their international business structures, but also to relocate to the country and transfer their business activities there.

You can find a detailed analysis of the various advantages and incentives available for setting up or relocating a business to Cyprus, on our dedicated page and video, by clicking here.

Setting up presence in Cyprus will need the assistance of qualified and experienced advisors with local expertise. Seamark can provide timely, reliable and efficient assistance on, among other, the following areas:

  • Assistance with the set-up of the proper corporate vehicle
  • Sourcing and appointing officers (directors and company secretary) as well as registered office
  • Shareholder representation – if needed
  • Locating suitable premises and assistance with bringing them in to a fully operation condition, in terms of furniture and equipment, utilities, etc.
  • Identifying adequately qualified and experienced personnel based on job description and other requirements to be provided/defined
  • Employer and employee registration with Social Insurance Department, set-up and operation of payroll facility (either inhouse or outsourced), arranging for any other benefits such as Medical Fund and Provident Fund
  • Human Resource management services, including setting entity-specific policies and procedures, drafting a Staff Handbook, implementing a performance appraisal system based on the needs and objectives of each organisation, etc.
  • Assistance with the setting of internal controls and procedures, the drafting of relevant manuals, the training of staff and the overall implementation and overview of control environment
  • Set-up and management of IT System, including  e-mail address(es), firewall and backup configurations, antivirus protection, etc.
  • Website creation and administration as well as any other branding and promotional tools , such as signs, business cards, etc.

For more information on some of the above services as well as other ongoing and support services (i.e. accounting, tax and VAT compliance, payroll, etc.) you can refer to the dedicated sections of our website, which can be found by clicking here.