Family Office

Cyprus is an ideal place for people relocating to the country whether for business purposes (setting-up a business or as an employee), for retirement or indeed for any other reason to bring their family along. It offers, among many other advantages, the following:

  • Peaceful society with low crime rates
  • Low pollution as there is no heavy industry and the island is not densely populated
  • Fantastic weather
  • Very rich Mediterranean-style cuisine
  • Public and private schools and universities of very high standards
  • Very good work-life balance aided by short distance travelling free from congestion
  • English language is widely spoken
  • Excellent social life with lots of sport and recreational venues and facilities and stunning beaches
  • Low cost of living

For those families with extensive and often disparate business and personal interests, which are looking for a bespoke, personal, professional service, the Family Office facility takes over considerable time and concern involved in dealing with the family affairs so that the key figures can focus on value-generating activities.

Our involvement assists in doing this without the cost and hassle of establishing, staffing and running an own family office*. Among the main services offered are the following: 

Financial Affairs Management

  • Investment manager procurement
  • Co-ordination of financial and succession planning
  • Asset protection support
  • Investment management coordination

Estate Planning and Administration

  • Arranging for creation of testaments and wills
  • Retirement planning
  • Assisting with executorships
  • Real Estate

o   Real estate advisory

o   Bespoke property search

o   Support with sale of real estate

o   Property management (payment of common expenses, maintenance, security, insurance, etc.)

  •   Other Assets

o   Support with acquisition of passion assets, such as yachts, aircrafts, classic cars, horses, works of art etc.

o   Providing digital images and condition reports

o   Arranging insurance covers

o   Organising maintenance and storage

Family/General Support

  • Payment of monthly bills
  • Arranging travel and personal security
  • Looking after children’s schooling
  • Arranging education and training for next generation on issues such as wealth management, risk management, personal security, etc.
  • Recruitment and HR services for domestic staff (nannies, chefs, housemates, gardeners, etc.)
  • Organising private events (weddings, parties, receptions, etc.)
  • Concierge Services
  • Sourcing, evaluating and following philanthropic activities
  • Secure physical safekeeping of documents
  • Relocation services

Furthermore, we provide a wide range of corporate, compliance and administrative services, such as the following:

  • Corporate and Trustee
  • Accounting, Payroll and Tax
  • Banking Administration

For more information about the above services you can refer to the dedicated pages on our website by clicking here.

*For establishing an own Family Office, you can refer to our general line of service related to Setting-up Presence in Cyprus.