Corporate and Secretarial Services

A.   Background

The company secretary is generally responsible for administrative matters concerning the company. One of its main duties is to maintain minute books and statutory registers for a company. The company secretary also undertakes to prepare any necessary statutory information, such as the Annual Return (see below) and to ensure that the company files such information promptly.

The secretary is also responsible for giving notice of meetings to the shareholders and directors and to provide them with written resolutions for ratification. It maintains records of all resolutions, minutes, agreements, registers and other statutory documents concerning the company.

Annual General Meeting and Annual Return

Every company registered in Cyprus must hold a general meeting of its members each year as its Annual General Meeting (AGM).  Any other meetings which may be held during the year are called extraordinary general meetings.  The first AGM must be held within 18 months of incorporation and thereafter no more than 15 months should pass between the date of one AGM and the next.

Typical matters discussed during an AGM are:

·         Consideration and approval of the Financial Statements for the year, the report of the directors and that of the auditors

·         Declaration of dividends

·         Election of directors and approval of their remuneration

·         Appointment of auditors and arrangement of their remuneration

An Annual Return must be filed with the Registrar every year. It must be accompanied by the accounts of the company for the previous year.

B.   How we can help

We provide a comprehensive range of corporate and operational services as well as advice to clients on the regulatory and legal framework applicable to different types of entities and support them in achieving their goals. Some of these services are as follows:

  •  Serving as company secretary
  •  Preparation of minutes
  • Keeping corporate registers
  • Arranging legalisation of documents
  • Preparation and filing of forms to the Registrar of Companies, including Annual Return
  • Processing of changes in statutory details
  • Mail handling and forwarding
  • Registration of pledges
  • Legalisations