Mission, Role, Goals

Our Mission and Role

To help our clients achieve their objectives by creating long-lasting relationships based upon trust, respect, integrity and proactivity.

To continue the tradition and safeguard the solid reputation we have created over the years through:

  • offering personalised, professional and efficient service;
  • at high quality standards; &
  • competitive prices;

To always be in search of new services and solutions for our clients as well as new working practices and methods in order to ensure our service standards are always at the highest levels. To be … in search of excellence.

The dominant contemporary idea of a company is that it is an engine for the creation of shareholder value. However, the company has historically always had deep roots in its society. Especially today with ever increasing regulated markets and media scrutiny it is very difficult for companies to ignore their social obligations. But more than that it is poor business practice to do so. The commercial good and the ethical good are, in fact, married in today’s successful companies.

This is the approach we have at Seamark about the role of our firm. We believe that sustainable growth is only possible when values such as integrity, respect, humanity, recognition and impartiality are firmly placed at the forefront of client service approach. But there is more to business than the earnings cycle. We have an obligation to our environment, to the members of our team, to the countries in which we operate and their citizens. It is through this holistic approach that Seamark has managed to be one step ahead of legal and regulatory requirements for what concerns corporate governance and work ethics.

Our philosophy, our principles as well as our working practices have been shaped having these responsibilities well in mind and are constantly instilled with new ideas, which will help our company to become more successful in all respects. From use of energy-efficient equipment and lighting to recycling and videoconferencing and from contributions to philanthropic and related organisations and events to sponsoring of different activities, we try to give something back to the general system in which we operate as an organisation. Because economic health and ethical well-being are not mutually exclusive concepts. In fact, they are not even separate, as they feed off each other and they need each other in order for an organisation to be truly successful.

Our Goals

  • To provide our clients with first class advice and services for the successful management and development of their affairs.
  • To help our clients organise, protect and develop their assets and property according to their objectives and requirements.
  • Through a proactive relationship with our clients, to build and ensure the availability of the most suitable solutions always in accordance to their needs and circumstances.
  • To ensure our clients receive a reliable, timely and value driven service.
  • To serve each of our clients with absolute integrity, honesty and protection of their confidential data.
  • To maintain a service-focused team dedicated to the firm’s core principles and goals.
  • To refine and continuously improve our services through quality improvement processes, continued professional education and use of the latest technology.